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Amazing Grades Closings

2019-2020 School Year


We will follow the lead by the Rockwall Independent School District as to whether we will be open on a particular day due to bad weather. If the schools open late on a bad weather day, we will be open that afternoon. If they close early due to bad weather, we will also be closed. If they close for the whole day or days, we will also be closed. Our children are our greatest blessing and their safety should always come first.


If a snow day occurs on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, my staff and I will make every effort to open for a short amount of time on another day that week or schedule a time for you to pick up additional work to get you through until the next class day. Please be sure we have the most up to date email address on file so we can send correspondence regarding any closures.


We are providing online tutoring options due to COVID-19.

Please call us at (972) 974-5266 to schedule a time.


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