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About Us

About Us


Amazing Grades Tutoring, located in Rockwall, Texas, is a full-service tutoring company developed to meet the needs of our community. We endeavor to be a one-stop place for all your educational needs. We offer the area’s finest tutoring services with a proven academic curriculum that is tailored to meet each individual student’s needs. Whether you are looking for one-on-one private tutoring or small group classes, we operate with unyielding resolve to provide you with an academically strong and student-centered program.


Whatever the student’s individual needs, we have a network of talented, dedicated, experienced, and motivating educators here to help students of any age with any subject or academic need.


Our programs offer the following advantages:


One Location for All Subjects and All Ages
Outstanding Tutors and Educators
Small-Group or Private Instruction
State of the Art Curriculum
Specialty Trained Tutors
Reasonable Monthly Tuition


We do not apply a set formula for tutoring because we realize that each student brings a different set of expectations, abilities, and circumstances. We base our teaching style on each student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. If they learn better visually, or with some tactile stimulus, we conform to the student. Through our collective experience, we have come to understand the subtleties in the learning process, the need for guidelines and self-discipline, and the value of constructive feedback. We know how to listen, how to encourage learning, and how to respect a student’s effort. We share your commitment to academic growth and personal development of the student.



About the Owner

My name is Nancy Vance and my family and I live in Rockwall.  It is because we love our community that I brought this educational service to the area. I have always believed strongly in education and helping children reach their full potential. So, about 15 years ago, I started tutoring students in my home. I had trained adults in the private sector and had taught at one of the community colleges in Dallas, but I quickly realized my passion for teaching read, or help a student realize that they really can achieve more.


About 7 years ago I opened a tutoring business in Rockwall in commercial space next to Joe Willy’s Restaurant in the Hobby Lobby Shopping Center. There I was able to work with hundreds of students teaching them math and reading, and more importantly, “how to learn”. Some of my former students skipped multiple grades in school, others caught up with or surpassed grade level, while others were taken out of resource classes for the first time. Because the franchise I owned did not allow one-on-one tutoring, or tutoring in any subjects other than math and reading, after five years I decided it was time to venture out on my own. I closed my center and spent the next year researching and training in other curriculum and methods of teaching.


I made the Young Leaners Math and Reading Program as the foundation of my business. This curriculum models my ideas about learning and provides the instructor with the flexibility to add other venues for each individual learner. It is not a one size fits all type of curriculum. I am free to add, alter, enhance the curriculum with other things such as Wordly Wise or Math U See materials depending on what each child needs, or doesn’t need. I can use worksheets, discussion, flashcards, the computer, or manipulatives to teach a child who may learn differently than another child. I can tutor a child in a small group or one-on-one, because “I”, not a franchise, decide how to help your child based on my experience in teaching, my observation of a student, AND the parent’s and teacher’s input.


With Young Learners as the foundation for the math and reading program, I added private, one-on-one-tutoring for older students in other classes such as Chemistry, Algebra II, Spanish, English Composition, Geometry, Study Skills, and just about any other subject. I have added professionals and other educators to my staff to provide the best private tutors in all subjects, all at one location. Call me to discuss the specific needs of your child. Let me help challenge your child, or catch them up so they can believe in themselves again. Your child too can achieve “amazing grades.” ….Oh… my 15-year-old son came up with the name and logo of my learning center, “Amazing GrAdes Tutoring.”


Give me a call at 972-974-5266!

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